Board Development Handbook



Does your Board of Directors need help in working as a team?

Do you know how to select qualified Board members?

Do you have trouble maintaining Board members?

Do your Board members need motivation to support and promote fundraising efforts of the nonprofit organization?

Do your Board of Directors lack initiative and passion in fulfilling the nonprofit’s vision, mission, and goals?

SOLUTIONBoard Development Training

After working with many nonprofit organizations, I have recognized the need for a concise, affordable tool for Nonprofit Boards to use to assess, their performance and enhance the nonprofit in executing its vision efficiently.

With this in mind, I developed the Board Development Handbook (BDH) that focuses on 4 areas:

  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Development
  • Assessment

The BDH will undoubtedly help your Board of Directors Learn:

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Board Responsibility for Financial Oversight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Overseeing the Performance and Compensation of Management

The BDH also offers:

Board Development Tools, such as:

  • 10 Principles that Yield a Great Board
  • Why You Need a Board
  • Board Dynamics
  • Code of Ethics for Board Members
  • Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Board Members and Personal Contributions
  • Financial and Fundraising Issues
  • The Role of the Chair
  • Productive Board Meetings
  • Do We Need Committees


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