Host Partnership

Partnering with KME as a Host Partner is a strategic way to impact your business, community, church, or organization, providing Christian business training to a variety of individuals. If your organization would like to host a KME course, please check our our Retail Host option or Wholesale Host option, below.

Host Partners:

  • Commit to recruiting a minimum number of students
  • Provide facilities for courses and other KME Project events
  • Provide logistic support for training courses
  • Are limited to only the United States

Retail Hosts:

  • No upfront fee to host classes.
  • Guarantee a minimum of 20 participant registrations at class retail pricing
  • Promote classes to their church/organization members
  • Direct participants to register for the course directly through the KME Christian Education and Resource Center
  • Receive 10% commission of total registrations

In return, KME provides retail hosts with all student materials and Certified Teachers 

Wholesale Hosts:

  • Receive a discounted student registration rate based on the number of students (Minimum of 30)
  • Purchase a bundle of student registrations
  • Provide refreshments and facilities
  • Cover the travel and lodging costs (if needed) of the Certified Teacher
  • Register all students internally through their company or organization

More information about becoming a Host Partner with KME is available upon request. Take the next step by completing the FORM below and we will provide you with more information.